Ecobalm - 3x Flavour Pack

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Ecobalm Triple pack

Ecobalm - 3x Flavour Pack for just $15.00

Try all three Ecobalm flavours in our triple pack deal!

Ecobalm - 3x Flavour Pack contains:

  • 1x Ecobalm Vanilla Honey
  • 1x Ecobalm Berry
  • 1x Ecobalm Tropical


Or if you want to choose which three flavours you get, leave a note at checkout and we can customise the order for you.


We believe less unnecessary additives provides you with more health benefits

Our beeswax is supplied by Hutton's Honey, a certified organic Apiary located in rural South Canterbury. All other ingredients are naturally sourced, so Ecobalm doesn't have any unnecessary or harmful additives.

The Beeswax and Almond Oil create a natural and nourishing balm for your lips, with the range of flavour oils giving each Ecobalm its own unique flavour.

Every Ecobalm comes in a 7 gram tube, which is larger than a normal lip balm you would find in a shop. 

Ecobalm is a natural alternative to regular lip balm, with a simple yet effective ingredient list. With 100% biodegradable packaging, you won't leave a trace. 

NZ$24.00 NZ$15.00
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