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100% Biodegradable Lip Balm

Ecobalm is a naturally sourced lip balm, with a smooth texture and excellent moisturising capability. Packaged in a sturdy and practical biodegradable tube, use Ecobalm without leaving a trace. 


Ecobalm comes in three new flavours:

Vanilla Honey

(with Manuka Honey)


(Strawberry and Raspberry)


(Sweet Mango)


vanilla, berry, mango



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Why Ecobase?

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As a 2020 Young Enterprise start-up company from Timaru, our aim is to stir up the cosmetic industry with our unique, 100% biodegradable products. By choosing Ecobase, you are helping us achieve our goal of a more sustainable future.

Ecobase is one of the only cosmetic companies in New Zealand striving to create 100% biodegradable products. Buying from Ecobase means less plastic waste being polluted into our environment. While cosmetic packaging is only a small percentage of overall plastic waste, small actions = big changes, and that's what our company is striving for.