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Ecobase is committed to creating 100% biodegradable, gender neutral cosmetics at an affordable price. We are part of the Young Enterprise Scheme in 2020, and our aim is to disrupt the cosmetic industry with our socially responsible products.

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100% Biodegradable Lip Balm

Ecobalm is a naturally sourced honey and vanilla lip balm, with a smooth texture and excellent moisturising capability. Packaged in a sturdy and practical biodegradable tube, use Ecobalm without leaving a trace. 

Ecobalm also contains Manuka Honey, added for your benefit


Made From 5 simple ingredients

100% Certified Organic Clover Honey

100% Certified Organic Beeswax

Almond Oil

Vanilla Extract

Manuka Honey



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Why Ecobase?

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As a Young Enterprise start-up company from Timaru Boys' High School, our aim is to stir up the cosmetic industry with our unique, 100% biodegradable products. By choosing Ecobase, you are helping us achieve our goal of a more sustainable future.

Ecobase is one of the only cosmetic companies in New Zealand striving to create 100% biodegradable products. Buying from Ecobase means less plastic waste being polluted into our environment. While cosmetic packaging is only a small percentage of overall plastic waste, small actions = big changes, and that's what our company is striving for.